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12 Most Simple Steps to Improve Eyesight

Nowadays, people spend more time on a computer, watching TV or reading than doing some outdoor activity. So it is necessary for them to take care of their eyesight. Many people have beautiful eyes. But, improper care of eyes results in various eye-related issues thus covering the beauty of the naked eyes. When talking of the beautiful EYES, the first names that come into my mind are- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Most Beautiful Eyes in the world) & Taylor Swift (one of the cutest pair of Eyes).

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan- Most Beautiful Eyes in the World

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan- Most Beautiful Eyes in the World

Taylor Swift Beautiful Eyes

Taylor Swift

Ignoring issues related to eyesight can lead you to become short-sighted. A short-sighted person is not able to see things clearly at a certain distance. The reason for short-sightedness is that our eyes get used to focus on objects that are close to us like- computer, mobile, books, etc. Hence, the eyes become less able to see distant objects clearly.

If you already have a problem like short-sightedness or your daily routine includes major activities like watching TV, reading or working for hours on a computer / laptop then you should follow these simple steps to improve your eyesight without taking much effort.

Simple Steps to Improve Eyesight:

1. Blink More Often

If you do a lot of work on a computer or reading something, your eyes are likely to dry out sooner. These will cause strain & tiredness in your eyes. Blinking will help your eyes to retain moisture.

2. Spend Time for Outdoor Activities

If you are a kid, you can spend more time playing outside as compared to playing indoor games. Even adults should take out time atleast once or twice a week to play outdoor games like Cricket & Football. Also, regular morning or evening walks (not on treadmills) in a park outside your home would be beneficial.

3. Palming

Palming helps to relax your eyes. Use your hands to cover your eyes. When combined with soft music to the ears, you will feel much more relaxed.

Palming for relaxing eyes


4. Balanced Diet

Plan out your diet well according to the activities that you carry out daily. Also, having healthy Fruits & Vegetables is a key to avoid any health-related issue. Include more & more fruits & vegetables in your diet-plan. Deficiency of Vitamin A causes Night Blindness & other serious eye problems. So start having food sources that are rich in Vitamin A. CAUTION!! Getting too much of Vitamin A is too bad for health as it can be toxic & also lead to cancer.

5. The 20-20 Rule

After every 20 minutes of work that strain your eyes, stare out to a distance of more than 20 feet for atleast 20 seconds. Preferably stare at some natural light-green color.

6. Remove your Glasses

It is a fact that eye glasses or contact lenses never make your vision better. It is advised to train your eyes to look at things without using glasses whenever possible.

7. Adequate Sleep

Early to bed & early to rise will surely make you Healthy & Wise. Adequate amount of sleep is as much essential for our body as other nutrients.

8. Use Rose Water

Place cotton dipped in a diluted rose water on the eyes before going to sleep atleast for 10-15 minutes. This method relaxes your eyes much faster.

9. Have a Nap

Having a short sleep (Nap) for about 10 to 15 minutes is very essential for proper functioning of our body. As our system reboots, we feel much fresh to work after having a nap. Resting & relaxing after long work hours will surely reduce the strain on your eyes.

10. Simple Exercises

Move your eyes Up & Down then move them right & left. Then move then first in clockwise & then anti clockwise direction. Also do neck-movements for better flow of blood to eyes & the brain. Perform these simple steps for atleast 5 minutes twice a day or even for one minute every one hour.



11. Zoom-In-Zoom-Out

Repeat the following simple steps daily, to train your eyes to focus on objects-

  1. Sit on a comfortable chair.
  2. Stretch your hand at the level of your nose with your fist closed & tuck out the index finger pointing upwards.
  3. Focus on the upper joint of your index finger & move your hand towards your face until your finger is about 3-4 inches in front of your nose.
  4. Now keeping the focus on the finger, move your hand away until fully stretched.


12. Essence of H2O

Water is essential for smooth functioning of our body. Even the petrol (blood) that runs our engine (organs) is composed water. The Plasma present in the blood contains 92% of water by volume. Hence, drinking adequate amount of water will keep you away from numerous health-related issues. Stay HYDRATED!!

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