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15 Most Awesome Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

After tons of rumors & stories, Samsung Galaxy S4 was finally launched at New York  on 15th March(link). The features of Samsung Galaxy S4 are amazing. The smartphone has wonderful functions & apps that will drive you crazy. The only problem could be the high price tag or Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 45,000. Still it stands firm as compared to the rival’s Apple iPhone 5. Check out the features of Samsung Galaxy S4 that you wouldn’t have expected in a Smartphone:

Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Features of Samsung Galaxy S4


Most Awesome Features of Samsung Galaxy S4:


  1. Wave Software
  1. Air Gesture
  1. WatchON
  1. Dual Recording
  1. Eraser Shot
  1. Smart Pause
  1. S Voice Drive
  1. Smart Scroll
  1. HomeSync
  1. S Translator
  1. Group Play
  1. S Health
  1. Story Album
  1. Sound & Shot
  1. Multiple Video Chats


  1. Wave Software:

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes up with the Wave Software. It provides the option to start/stop a song or also change tracks, navigate photos, etc. just by waving your hand over the phone. So need of touching the phone again & again.


  1. Air Gesture:

Air Gesture allows the phone to accept input from screen by just hovering your finger over the screen. This gives a feel of the most recently announced 3D Touchscreen Phones. This feature is applicable across various functions like accepting calls, navigating through music, webpages, gallery, etc. This feature also overcomes the disadvantage of capacitive touchscreens which do not take input if Gloves are worn.


  1. WatchON:

Now Samsung Galaxy S4 can become your TV Expert. You can view program guides, favorite channels list, favorite program schedule & many more. You can also use the phone as your TV Remote because of the IR LED present in the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 connected to HomeSync

Samsung Galaxy S4


  1. Dual Recording:

Dual Recording feature allows you to record videos & take shots using both the cameras simultaneously. Now, you won’t be missed while clicking the shot.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Recording

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Recording


  1. Eraser Shot:

Eraser Shot will scan through an image and wipe out any unnecessary parts from the picture. So no worries if the background has caught some weird person; just ERASE him.

Dual recording Feature- Samsung Galaxy S4

Dual recording Feature- Samsung Galaxy S4


  1. Smart Pause:

Your Smartphone would know if you’re looking at it. Samsung Galaxy S4 has Smart Pause Feature that is used for video streaming. The video will be paused automatically if you don’t look at it. It uses eye-recognition technology. As soon as you again look at the phone, the video resumes.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Smart Scroll feature

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Smart Pause feature


  1. S Voice Drive:

Using Smartphones while driving is now made much easier using “S Voice Drive”. While driving, the Interface of the phone becomes much simpler. The text-to-speech service, fonts become larger & looks are much simpler. The voice recognition service works for making & answering calls, replying messages, asking for driving directions & much more. So now use your hands only for driving & not for phones. ;)


  1. Smart Scroll:

Samsung Galaxy S4 automatically scrolls up or down using Smart Scroll Feature. Smart Scroll allows automatic scrolling of mails, webpages & messages when you tilt your phone from one side to the other.


  1. HomeSync:

You can connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with your Samsung HomeSync device. Samsung HomeSync in a personal Cloud device for a family launched at MWC-2013 in Barcelona. It gives 1TB storage capacity. So now you can store thousands of images & videos on HomeSync using your galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 HomeSync Feature by Mitesh at Speed Mango

Samsung Galaxy S4 HomeSync Feature


  1. S Translator:

S Translator competes with the Google Translate. This feature is inbuilt in the Samsung Galaxy S4. The app can speak a variety of languages, doing text to speech and speech to text too.


  1. Group Play:

Group Play lets you wirelessly connect with up to 8 Galaxy S4 devices to share music and play games. You can play music on all the 8 phones simultaneously making it a surround system. You can link up each phone and then pick left, center and right channels and assign them to each handset.


  1. S Health:

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a built-in pedometer that allows the phone to count calories, track your workout, daily intakes & weight levels. It also shows surrounding temperature & humidity & matches your Comfort Level according to it.

S Health in Samsung Galaxy S4

S Health in Samsung Galaxy S4


  1. Story Album:

Story Album app is useful to print out pictures straight from your phone. It can create and layout proper photo albums directly on the Galaxy S4. Printing these albums would cost you around $30.


  1. Sound & Shot:

Now, you can listen to your photos. Yes, you can click photos alongwith sound. Thus, you can remember what was said at the time of image instead of just the still-shot. This feature amazes us how our lives will be more entertaining.

Sound & Shot feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 by Speed Mango

Sound & Shot feature of Samsung Galaxy S4


  1. Multiple Video Chats:

Samsung ChatOn can support up to 3 video callers at once. So that you can share screens as well as use both the cameras while video calling. Hence you can use the phone for multiple conversations.

Share your views on the Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 below.

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All the features are very nice..!!
Is that watchON Will work for all TV or only Smart TV

Samsung Talks about WatchON:
“The app is best used with a Samsung Smart TV, but it also works with televisions made by other companies.”

So we can only confirm after the release of the device.

okay thanks

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