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3 reasons why Mourinho might leave Real Madrid?

On 28th May 2010, José Mourinho’s fate at Santiago Bernabéu was sealed. He was at Internazionale during that season & had made some record wins for Inter. As usual, the Portuguese could not stay with the same club for more than 2 or 3 years. For Real Madrid, he succeeded over Manuel Pellegrini who was sacked by the club within one season inspite of having a 2 year contract.

Manuel Pellegrini was one of the most expensive managers for Real Madrid spending around £200 million on transfers, in a single season. This money was spent on buying players like Kaka, Benzema, Alonso & Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid finished with a record of 96 points on the La Liga table, but still they came second to the rivals Barcelona with 99 points. Unfortunately Manuel Pellegrini could not get any titles for Madrid that season.

José Mourinho is known as one of the best managers of Real Madrid. During his signing, he was the 11th manager for the club in past seven years. He signed in players like Khedira, Ozil, di Maria, Carvalho to make the team much more stronger. He is the first manager in history to win every domestic title available- La Liga, Copa del Rey and the Super Cup.

Mourinho’s contract was renewed in May 2012 upto 2016. Still there are speculations of the coach departing from Bernabéu by the end of 2012-13 season. Let us see some reasons why Mourinho might leave Real Madrid?



Why Mourinho might leave Real Madrid?

1. Disputes with key players:

Mourinho has always been a controversial person. Since 2012, there have been rumors around Bernabéu about internal clashes between the manager & the players. These disputes were mainly with the team’s captains- Iker Casillas & Sergio Ramos.

The rumors can be traced back up to the beginning of 2012 when the captains were uncomfortable with Mourinho’s strategy for an El Clasico match against Barcelona. Ever since then, there has been a number of news showing rise in the differences within the club. But the Club’s president, Perez has denied all the rumors.

Jose Mourinho clashes with Iker Casillas

Jose Mourinho disputes with Iker Casillas

2. Mourinho doesn’t stay long at any club:

José Mourinho has a good history to peep into. Ever since being appointed as the manager for the first club, Benfica in 2000, he has kept hopping between various European clubs. Despite of having a good record with numbers, he has been bad with controversies. The following table shows Mourinho’s tenure as a manager at each club.



2001-2002U.D. Leiria
2010-presentReal Madrid

The most famous of these would be the exit from Chelsea. Mourinho left Chelsea surprisingly in September 2007. He is the most successful manager in Chelsea’s history. But, disputes with the club chairman Roman Abramovich forced him to depart from the English side.

Currently, he has contract with Madrid upto 2016. But there are reports saying Mourinho’s exit from Madrid by the end of this season.

Mourinho always surrounded by Controversies

Mourinho always surrounded by Controversies

3. Call from other Clubs:

Mourinho has several records to show case along with his biodata. These records would be sufficient for him to be dragged to other big European clubs. England has always been his destination. Big clubs like Chelsea & Manchester City are showing their interest in the Portuguese.

Chelsea has maintained a very bad track record with its managers since Mourinho’s exit in 2007. They had 8 managers since 2007. Currently, they have Rafael Benitez as their Interim manager. Reports have confirmed that Benitez will take an exit from Chelsea by the end of this season.

Mourinho has a record 67% win for Chelsea which is highest in their 108 years history. He has won 6 titles at Chelsea in 4 seasons. He would be the best option for Chelsea, as he holds the best history with the club.

Mourinho also showed some interest in French team- Paris Saint-Germain. PSG’s current manager- Carlo Ancelotti hints a possibility of exit this season. Mourinho has desired to work for the French side.



Real Madrid vs BVB:

Real Madrid’s defeat at Semi-finals last night against Dortmund (on aggregate 3-4) ended  Mourinho’s hopes for long awaited Championship at the UEFA Champions League. Should Mourinho wait for one more season for the Championship? Or will he take a bow from the Bernabéu?

Post-match Interview:

After the RM vs BVB match at Bernabeu, Mourinho said- “I don’t know but I want to be where people love me to be. Maybe I won’t stay at Madrid. I know I am loved in England; I am loved by the fans and the media. They treat me fairly. They give me credit when it is due and criticize when it is deserved. I am loved by some clubs, especially one.”

Jose Mourinho’s Future:

Jose Mourinho at Chelsea

Jose Mourinho at Chelsea

1. Chelsea:

The words “especially one” in his post-match interview undoubtedly referred to Chelsea. His records at the Stamford Bridge are mentioned above. But he had to leave the club unexpectedly due to his conflicts with the club owner Roman Abrahimovich. He would love to return to England. But if he fails to win a title for the club then it might widen the cracks between the owner & himself.

2. Manchester United:

Jose Mourinho has always eyed to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson for Manchester United. He is the number one contender to have the capability to replace Ferguson at Old Trafford. As of now, Ferguson’s retirement is not known so possibility of Mourinho’s entry would be completely dependent on him.

3. Manchester City:

Mancini’s lure this season has degraded after winning Premier League last season. United has clinched their hold on the title within 34 games. They were also knocked out from the Champion’s League 2013 before the Round of 16. There are players as well as money. If added with Mourinho’s charm, they can surely arise next season.

Jose Mourinho

4. Paris Saint Germain:

As mentioned above, PSG is a possible target for Mourinho. He has moved from Portugal, England, Italy & now in Spain. His next desired destination would be France. Also, after the confirmation of Carlo Ancelotti to exit Paris after this season creates room for Mourinho to be at PSG next season.

5. Arsenal:

Arsene Wenger is likely to end his 17 year old reign at Arsenal after this season. He has shown interest to be at Paris next season. He could be one of top managers for the spot at PSG.

6. Inter:

Mourinho’s record at Inter has been wonderful. He completed the Treble & won 5 titles within 2 seasons including the UEFA Champions League 2010 (defeating Bayern Munich 2-0). Since then, Inter has had 5 managers but has shown no signs of growth. So, Inter has very little chances of having Mourinho next season.


Real Madrid’s Future:

Jose Mourinho with Carlo Ancelotti

Jose Mourinho with Carlo Ancelotti


Carlo Ancelotti:

Ancelotti is on the top of the list of future Real Madrid manager. He has declared his exit from PSG & has been linked to Real Madrid a number of times.

Rafael Benitez:

Rafa is certainly taking an exit from Chelsea by the end of the season. The Madrid-born manager has experience of managing almost 9 clubs in his career. Some of the famous includes- Valencia, Liverpool, Inter & Chelsea. He could be a soft target for Real Madrid next season.

Zinedane Zidane:

French starlet Zidane has been appointed as a coach for Real Madrid’s youth academy while he’s being trained to catch up a career in management. He would surely take up the job at Bernabéu in near future.

Jurgen Klopp:

Klopp has done wonders at Borussia Dortmund in last few years. He won 2 consecutive Bundesliga titles in 2011 & 2012. After yesterday’s match they are just one step away of their Champion’s League title facing Bayern on 25th May at Wembley. He has also shown interest to succeed Mourinho at Madrid.


Why Mourinho might leave Real Madrid? Which club would Mourinho manage? Who will be the next manager for Real Madrid?  Share your views about in comments below.

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