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5 Essential Gadgets of Rich

Rich people like to utilize their money in buying essential as well as luxurious items. They do choose comfort and usability over each and every gadget. They are not much concerned about the cost of these gadgets. Lets us know what are the essential gadgets for the Rich.

Dual Screen Touch Ultrabook


Asus Taichi Dual Screen Ultrabook

While the whole world is just new to ultrabooks, you can get a hold on the dual screen touch ultrabook. Many tech enthusiasts are very much excited about the slim ultrabook for touch on the screen. This ultra slim notebook is dual screen which is very much cool. Not only you can present your work to your colleagues easily in a Board Meeting but also you can showcase your presentation easily in college. Asus Taichi is the perfect combination of Notebook and Tablet. This gadget will give you a mesmerizing fast browsing experience on the Windows 8 OS.

The Asus Taichi will cost you just a $1,400


Submersible Shark


Seabreacher Shark Submarine

So first of all this is not a shark but it is a manmade shark submarine which is submersible. In this unique design of a submarine like a shark you can have a ride in it. It is a submersible watercraft which is surely made for the rich to have an exquisite ride underwater. So rather having a boat, you can get a submersible shark and can get a cool ride underwater. This submersible shark is known as Seabreacher X Shark-Style Submersible.

It has a 260 hp supercharged engine which does give a boosting top speed 50mph. This speed is quite sufficient to reach to a destination in a water route. So rich folks what are you waiting for? Do add this shark in your collection of boats.

This Submersible shark will cost you $100,000.

Dreamwave Massage Chair


After a hardworking tiring day when you arrive home you need to rest. So why not rest on a massaging chair which will give you utter comfort and will surely relieve all the tiredness from the body. This premium massage chair will give you many types of massages for your body. Also it will save a good amount of money rather going into spa and taking a massage treatment.

This chair will cost a small amount of $9,000 to the rich people.

Chopard Watch

chopard watch

Chopard $25 Million Watch

So watch is an essential gadget. But now a days people do have smartphones with them to showcase the time. But for rich people time equals to a lot of money. So having a watch is an essential thing for each and every rich person. Lets talk about the Chopard watch. Chopard is a company which created some elegant and luxurious watches mainly for the rich people.

I am talking about the $25 million watch. It is studded with diamonds of heart shaped which are in blue, white and pink as 12, 11, and 15 carats. So these are the exquisite diamonds which are heart studded just near the dial of the watch. 163 carats of white and yellow flower like diamonds can be seen in the watch. So a total of 200 carats and rich people will surely love to have the world`s most expensive diamond studded watch with them.

This watch will cost you $25 million.

Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses

Glamorous Gabbana & Dolce Sunglasses

Glamorous Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

So whenever you go out in morning or in afternoon the essential thing which you need is a pair of sunglasses. There are many branded good quality available sunglasses. Checkout the Dolce and Gabanna DG2027B Sunglasses. The frame is made of gold. The sunglasses gets glittered due to its golden frame.

The unique thing is the brand name,which is embedded with diamonds on one of the arm of the sunglasses. So that the rich people can flaunt about the brand name easily. The utter comfort in using these sunglasses is priceless.

These sunglasses will cost you $384,000 a pair.

So Rich folks you know what are the essential gadgets for you. So why not have these in your closet and have a comfortable life. Do prioritize and purchase the essential gadgets as per your needs. Have a comfortable life ahead!

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