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5 (Free) Car apps for android you must have

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This is the era of applications. Whatever you want to do, there is an app for that. So needless to say, many auto enthusiasts also went out and made car applications that they would love to have. Some are made by car manufacturers to directly integrate with the cars, like this one Tesla Made for its Model S.

Now we love the iPhone ( Not really!). And we dont want you to spend money on applications. And to keep in line with our goal of helping you live better (for free), we decided to come up with a list of the best free car applications on the Android platform. Its an easy bet for you with nothing to lose, so go ahead and give these apps a shot!


Car App 1:  Ulysses Speedometer

This is a magnificent application. One of those applications that you seriously would not mind shelling out money for.

ulysses speedometer- car apps for android

The application offers a lot of features that one might find useful. It has a nice interface too. To list out the highlights of the features:

  1. Speedometer
  2. Trip Meters
  3. Compass
  4. Speed statistics (Maximum, average, etc)
  5. Cool looking graphs
  6. Customizable interfaces

Download it here.

Car App 2: Car HUD

Heads up displays are all the rage today. They started off with being an eye candy in many expensive cars. But despite being a cool feature to show off, the HUD system is actually a really nifty safety aid. It helps you spend less time looking away from the road.

heads up display app- car apps for android

We prefer this app because of its simplicity. Even the earlier Ulysses Speedometer app has this feature. But a standalone app that is not going to drain your battery is the best option.

Do note that these apps will need some decent placement thing for the phone and most work only at night.

Download it here.

Car App 3: Jeannie ( like Siri)

Another safety app in our line up. I can vouch for the fact that if you are trying to operate your phone while driving, you are probably going to be rear ending someone. This app helps you take care of all your mobile operations orally. And it has a snazzy women name.

jeannie- car apps for android

Now the app can answer things like ‘What is the distance to the moon?’. But if thats what you are thinking of while driving, seek professional help. It helps you perform functions like answering emails, setting alarms, calling contacts and controlling music. Neat stuff!

Download it here.

Car App 4:  Jango Radio

After those safety apps, its time to move onto something more fun. Music and driving goes hand in hand. And if you are driving through traffic, music keeps your brain from decaying. Jango is good at guessing what music you might like based on your favourite tracks.

jango app- car apps for android

So hook up your music system with your phone. Hand over the track selection to Jango. And I am sure you will not get bored through that otherwise tiring commute.

Download it here.

Car App 5: TripLog mileage tracker

If you like to really be thorough with what mileage you car gives, this is just the right app for you. The app uses GPS to accurately track the mileage you are getting. It has a lot of features. You can even make some Tax deductions with this in the right formats.

trip log mileage tracker- car apps for android

Download it here.


If you know of any more apps that are excellent for using in cars, let us know in the comments section below.


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