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8 types of Shoes for Men

Men love to have a good set of shoes. But we are talking about the complete possibilities of what all kinds of shoes a man should have. So there are many types of shoes available in the market. We will provide you details of all the types of shoes a man should have.



These give a perfect trendy look to anyone. Sneakers do have less grip and are not advised to be used in the monsoon season as things can get slippery. Some sneakers of Nike are useful to dance in fashion. You can perform the Michael Jackson`s moon walk easily using sneakers.

I like to use them whenever I am going near by my house. I like to use it to go to the nearest multiplex too. Using sneakers is fun, they look trendy and can be matched up with the color of the T-shirt. They always match up with blue jeans without a doubt. If you need a trendy look then you should include sneakers in your get-up.

Canvas Shoes


Canvas shoes are similar to that of sneakers. Most of them have rubber headed design. Canvas shoes needed polishing in earlier days. In school days we used to use canvas shoes for PT day. But in college days also it became fashion and these canvas shoes started coming up in different colors. These shoes are made up of rough cloth. Even Micromax liked the name of Canvas and started the series out of it.  These shoes are not much durable though.



Hey ya guys, don`t tell me that you have never used sandals. It is easy to wear. Just insert your leg and lock the belt of the sandal. Its easy to wear and hence the most favorite of individuals. It is ideal to wear in monsoon season. Even I prefer using sandals during the monsoon over sports shoes. Sandals are my favorite choice and to be honest, it is the coolest of all of the footwear for Men.

There are a variety of sandals available in today`s market. Mostly we prefer sandals buying from the brands. So a brand value is an important parameter in purchasing a footwear and so is a sandal. Adidas sandals look cool. They are in various shades and I like the blue colored Adidas sandals. The Adidas logo looks decent and it overall looks good.

Sports Shoes

sports shoes

My favorite ideal footwear is a sports shoes. What I like about a sports shoe is that it provides you maximum grip and also gives you comfort. It is not much tedious to wear these shoes, but you do have to tie up the laces for sure. So that’s the only thing which takes a little time when you wear a shoe. Its ideal to wear a pair of socks before wearing a shoe which might be a little time consuming.

In this combo you have to make sure that the shoes and the socks have colors which are suitable. Mostly the black colored socks are more favorable. You will get a rough idea when you go to the shop yourself and try out the shoe. There are many things available online and so are the shoes. But there are instances when you order the shoes of your size and when you get them they don`t fit your feet or are uncomfortable.

So I do prefer buying sports shoes from the local shop itself. It is an added advantage that you can use the shoes and can wear it before buying it out. So go into a local shop and purchase the right shoes for you. Here also men are generally brand specific so they go to local stores of a particular brand. Trying out the shoes before buying it is very important.

Make sure that the sports shoes which you are buying has a good grip, it is comfortable and the material of the shoes should be durable. If all these parameters are likable then go ahead and buy the perfect sports shoes for you. This is one of the essential footwear which a person should have with him.



They are the easiest footwear to wear. No hassle of locking the belt like a sandal nor tying a lace like a sports shoes. I like to wear slippers at home. If the floor of your home becomes cold at night then you should use slippers. These slippers provide you comfort. At home and also some guys are seen using slippers during night walks and going to near by local stores.

Some men prefer slippers over sandals. This is a choice of individuals. Fashionable slippers are trending up and are available in various colors and brands.  Guys try to make sure that the color of the T-shirt and the slipper are the same. Many times it happens that guys are lazy and they don`t look much about what all is suitable or not, they just look out for utter comfort.

Formal Shoes


If you are going for an interview or want to be in a Professional get-up, get formal shoes. These shoes are available in black and brown. Most preferable shoes are black leather formal shoes. Using formal  shoes is a good trend for attending any business conference. These shoes have thin laces. There are instances where the laces get broken.  So do have an extra pair of laces with you.

Formal shoes look elegant and classy. With Black blazers these shoes are the ones which suit and look great. I would like to make a not that formal shoes should be used with utter care. The fact is that they should be polished from time to time, which a bit exercise.

So do have a set of formal shoes in your closet. Whenever you get suited up don`t forget to wear a set of formal shoes. The most awesome brand of leather formal shoes is of Rockport. They have a variety of formal shoes.



Loafers give you a formal touch. Plus they are easy to wear. There are no hassles of tying laces. You just have to insert your feet into it. Loafers mostly are preferred in brown color. But it’s the choice of individuals. The loafers will provide you more comfort than the normal formal shoes.



Boots are the heaviest of the lot. They are somewhat difficult to wear. Boots are the best option to wear in winter. Boots are heavy, so they are difficult to carry. If you are going to travel then these are not the best choice to carry with you. But you should make sure that these are with you in winter season, they keep your feet warmer. There are a some trekking boots which provide you perfect grip and also give your feet some protection. So trekking boots are one of the most lovable part for men.

Some men like to boots in monsoon. If you are planning to do so, then make sure that the material will nor be hampered and should be waterproof. There are monsoon boots available. The best brand in boots is Timberland. They have a lot of options and men love to have timberland boots with them in the winter season.

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