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Being Fashionable: Men`s Bracelets

One of the trending fashion among men is bracelets. There are loads of types of bracelets. We will help you to choose the right bracelet for you from some of the most stylish bracelets available in the market.

Salman Khan`s Bracelet

Salman Khan`s turqoise gem embedded bracelet

Salman Khan`s turqoise gem embedded bracelet

Salman Khan is always seen with his turquoise bracelet. His blue stone studded bracelet seems to be his lucky charm. Wherever he goes he makes sure that hos bracelet is in his accessories. This bracelet was made by his father Salim some years ago and he is very much attached with it as said by Salman`s sister Alvira. The blue stone in his silver bracelet is known to be his lucky charm and brings him good fortune. I think that his good fortune was Katrina Kaif, what do you say?

His perception is that the blue stone makes sure that bad luck is away from the wearer. Who knows his bad-luck must be Shahrukh Khan. Duh! Many of their fights are controversial, not going into details as of now. This beautiful bracelet was designed by Anmol Jewellers from Bandra, Mumbai. So are you going for the good fortune from this blue stone, is your choice. But it is surely trending up.

Peora`s Men`s Bracelets

Mens Bracelet

Peora Silver Bracelet

There are loads of Peora`s men`s bracelets which are available at an affordable prices. These bracelets are mostly of Sterling Silver. These bracelets are durable and look fashionable. These bracelets suit your stainless steel/silver plated watch on the other hand. It looks amazing. I don`t know more about software engineers, as they might be having problems during typing. But I don`t think that it is a real problem as such.

These bracelets are available from a price of 500 INR to 1500 INR. Its upto your choice of what bracelet you wanna purchase. I liked the one in the above image a lot. It looks good and is durable that is the main forte of Peora.

Wrist Bands

Breo`s Wrist bands

Breo`s Wrist bands

Wrist bands is one of the loving factor of college going guys. They are easy to use and are available in various colors. The main fact is that these wrist bands are trendy and can be suitable on your dress as per the need. For example, if using a red T-shirt you can use a red wrist band. Easy to use and looks trendy.

There are brands from Nike to Breo who have trendy wrist bands. Breo wrist bands look cool and are available in many colors. The best part is that these wrist bands and bracelets are available from the leading shopping e-commerce portals.

Magnetic Bracelets

Willis Judd Titanium Magnetic Bracelet with blue carbon fiber

Willis Judd Titanium Magnetic Bracelet with blue carbon fiber

The Titanium Magnetic Bracelet is a trending fashion in the West. But it is slowly trending in metropolitan cities. These Titanium Magnetic Bracelets come with Blue Carbon Fiber and Blue looks cool in a black bracelet. These Titanium Magnetic bracelets is a favorite choice among the Pub going guys. These bracelets are very much light weighted.

So these look good and they are not as heavy as the Peora bracelets or Salman Khan`s bracelet.

Tip of the day: Silver Sterling bracelets don`t look good for slim hands, the thread bracelets is a good choice for them.
Tip of the day: Silver Sterling bracelets don`t look good for slim hands, the thread bracelets is a good choice for them.

These bracelets have high powered magnets as high as 3000 gauss. So it will give you a magnetic power in your hand like some superhero. I am just hyping it, you will just get a feeling of being a super hero using this bracelet.

Threaded Bracelets

Thread Band

Phosphorus Band

These bracelets are flexible and they look very much trendy. Look good for slim hands as well as for healthy person. These bracelets mostly use many materials from as cheap materials to leather.

Phosphorus bracelets have the major market share in threaded bracelets. Phosphorus is a major brand in it. They have a lot of varieties in threaded bracelets. Most of these bracelets have leather as their main material. These bracelets are made from pure leather in many colors, the maroon color looks awesome.

Best part of these Phosphorus bracelets is that after use you can use it as your dog`s collar. So Phosphorus bracelets or any threaded bracelets give you an added advantage. The main thing is that these bracelets are flexible and you can use it to tie anything.

Go for Luxury

David Yurman`s Wide Black Diamond Curb Chain Bracelet

David Yurman`s Wide Black Diamond Curb Chain Bracelet

If you don`t want stylish and trendy bracelets, and want utter luxury, then there are a few options for you as well. The best one is from the David Yurman`s black diamond Curb chain bracelet. It is a kind of Rolex of bracelets. It provides a lot of luxury. The black diamonds are studded in the Sterling Silver bracelet.

The black diamond studded bracelet will cost you a staggering amount of $10,400. So it is a toy for the rich guys. This bracelet will look awesome on someone having a fair skin. It is one of the costliest custom made bracelets by David Yurman. There are many other bracelets by this company who have luxurious bracelets which are sold in a premium cost.

Using Bracelets is fun. It is surely not an essential accessory but it is cool to use. Choose the bracelet from your choice as per the needs. I will recommend the Peora`s bracelets, they are affordable and look cool. If you want more trendiness and style you can opt for other bracelets.

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