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BodyCom technology uses the human body as a medium for securing guns and gadgets

BodyCom is developed by Microchip Technology and will be used for securing firearms, doors and other gadgets. BodyCom uses human body as a medium for connecting two points just like a wire.
In the recent Bond movie Skyfall, James Bond uses a custom pistol especially made for him. He and only he could fire the pistol and nobody else could. This biometric tech also saved his life once in the movie. But here we are talking about real world technology which is ready to be implemented into consumer goods.James bond pistol in Skyfall- BodyCom Technology

So you have nothing to be afraid of if someone tries to use your weapon against you. You can stand like a mountain in front of a burglar trying to use your firearm and smack him right in his nose.

As mentioned above the human body acts as the communication medium between 2 devices. A device like a fob would rest in your pocket while the other device will be installed on the gadget you own. For e.g. – A fob in your pocket will communicate with the touchpad installed on the trigger of your pistol to authenticate whether the person possessing the right fob (that is you) is accessing the pistol or not.

How does BodyCom Technology works?

BodyCom technology employs the use of capacitive coupling with your body as the medium of communication to transmit signals between the fob and the base station.

  • When your finger touches the touchpad installed on the trigger of a gun then the base station (touchpad) sends a 125 KHz signal via your body to activate the fob.
  • The fob acknowledges this by sending an 8 MHz back to the base station to authenticate your access.The reason for choosing these particular frequencies is that they couple very well with the human body.

What’s missing?

The technology uses the matching fob and the base station to approve the access to the gadget. But what if someone steals that fob from you?
The creators of this technology are saying that the BodyCom will soon be able to distinguish between the rightful owner from thieves and imposters.

The authentication is done by touching the base station which is an irritating and a slow process. The researchers are working on getting this technology to work when the user is a few centimetres away from the base station.

The future with BodyCom Technology

  • Smart Doors- Smart doors will get automatically unlocked as someone with access to the indoors approaches them.
  • Smart Pet collars- With your pet wearing the smart collars the door to your home will automatically open when your pet touches it with its paws or its face.
  • Personal weapons/gadgets- Yours gadgets will only be yours and nobody will even try to snatch them from you.

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