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Creative Home Decorating ideas

Its time to decorate your home. I hope that you are doing this after a long time. So get ready to use some creative ideas to decorate your home. The best thing is that we have kept things easy and useful for the decoration process of your home. You can surely implement these decorations in a very low affordable cost. Most of the decorations are homemade and easy to make.

Use scrapbook papers to create wall decals

wall decals

You can create many kinds of decals of any shapes. There are scrapbook papers which are available in various designs and colors. You got to make things very creative. Just you have to get a scrapbook paper which will suit the color of the wall. Then just cut the scrapbook paper into the shape of whatever you like. Most favorable type of wall decal is of birds. So just cut the shape of a bird and then just stick it into the wall. It will look awesome. It will just cost you the scrapbook paper cost and of course a little glue.

Create homemade paper flowers and stick them to the wall

homemade paper flowers

You can create paper flowers by your own way. There are loads of videos on youtube which will guide you to create the paper flowers. You just got to get color papers and make them into creative flowers. You can stick these flowers by using paper tapes on the wall. You again got to take care of the matching colors of the wall and the flowers. Also I have seen many people use white colored paper tapes. It does look ugly. If you can get try using the colored tape suiting your wall`s color.

Print your photos and affix them on the wall as you want

wall photos

You can print a good amount of photos of your loved ones or all the memories which you would like to keep cherishing for a long time. Do keep some white space below these photos so that you can label them. Do label them with unique colors. Colors do give a long lasting effect on the memories. You can also do many creative things in this. You can print photos of different sizes and affix them on the wall. I know that most of us do not do any photo printing. But do this just to decorate your house and is one of the most effective and will be in everyone`s budget.

Creating a standalone sign

standalone design

Our standalone sign at speedmango office!

A standalone sign can be anything. It might be your home`s name or your it can be the most lovable thing which all the family members like the most. You can create the standalone sign in your way. Our way is the traditional way of creating a standalone sign. The basic part is that you can make a lot of things by depicting your sign.

In our standalone sign we used the favorite thing which we love the most. We used the sign of a Mango. We like mangoes a lot. We in our office have created this sign of mango. First thing we did is we bought a Thermocol sheet. Then we did cut it to the shape of a Mango. Then we did water color painting on this sign. Now proudly this sign is there on our office`s door. It looks good and it does shows the identity of what we do.

Add scalloped borders to your shelves

scalloped borders

You must be having shelves in your living room and in your bedrooms. But there are instances where there are injuries due to the sharpness of the edges of the shelves. The main task is that there should be no injury and the shelves should look good. You can make a lot of things to create such scalloped shelves. You can use the colorful tapes and apply it on the edges of the shelves. It looks a lot better and makes your shelves a better look than what it was earlier. There are loads of color tapes mainly known as Post-its tape. You can get it from market easily. So what are you waiting for just cover up all the edges with these taps and make the shelves look elegant and stylish.

Create full wall confetti murals

confetti mural

Murals can be of various types. This is just a name but to make these murals is very easy. There are lots of murals available in the market. You can make the murals and the shape of the designs of the murals should be as per your choice. The round small pieces of color papers stuck on the walls is the most common type. You can make them into the small triangular pieces and you can make them look good. These type of murals can be done by using various other colors than that of the wall. The suitable colors does look good on the wall, mostly your living room.

Use of paint chips for wall installation

paint chips

This is a tedious task but a surely it looks cool. You can take color printouts of various designs and you can paste it on your wall. The main thing is that the cutting of paint chips from the color prints may take equal time as that of sticking it to the wall. It looks very good and luxurious and it takes very less cost to create such design. Its upon you in what shape, size and color you want all these designs. If you can create huge paint chips then it will take your less time.

Headboard created by scrapbook papers


Its time to decorate your bedroom and you want to make it look good and in a low cost. There is a great and easy solution for it. Purchase a dozen of scrapbook papers some must be double and of course some glue. You should make sure that the scrapbook papers should be stuck to the wall with ease and perfection without any problems. The main thing is that there is not much work to do. You just have to get scrapbook papers and stick them just above the bed. The color combination should be as per the choice of the person.

In your home you can use and implement all these types of decorations, and these creative ideas can be used in less cost. The decorations will look cool and will surely enrich your home than that is now.

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