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When a Football Team Concedes 219 Goals & Scores just Once

The award for most League Goals conceded in a season in England belongs to Darwen. They had conceded 141 goals in 1898-99 in a single season. So that record belongs to more than a century ago & hence never broken. But, when you hear that a football team concedes 219 goals in just 10 games, this number “141″ seems to be too low in front of 219.

There is a name to refresh these records- Caerphilly Castle Ladies F.C. The Caerphilly Castle Ladies club belongs to Caerphilly in South Wales. They are one of the biggest Ladies and Girls Football Clubs in South Wales. They were the finalists of the 2009 Women’s Welsh Cup. And in 2010, they lifted the South Wales Women’s League Cup. This led them into the Women’s Welsh Premier League from the next season.

Welsh Premier League Table showing Caerphilly Castle Ladies -SpeedMango

Caerphilly Castle Ladies F.C. has played 10 games as of today in the Women’s Welsh Premier League. Out of this, they scored in a single game. Here are some of the stats / figures of this season-

Games Played: 10

Goals Scored: 1

Goals Conceded: 219

Goal Difference: -218

Worst Defeat: 0-43 vs Cardiff Metro University

Lowest Goal Difference: 0-5 vs Northop Hall

Caerphilly Castle Ladies Results for Welsh Premier League by Speed Mango

Caerphilly Castle Ladies Results for Welsh Premier League

Will you support your team, if it lies in the middle of a season with the Goal Difference of “-218”?? Let us leave that on you to decide if it happens anytime. Club’s Chairwoman Julie Boyce came out of retirements to give a moral support to the players.

Keeping in mind the youth players & the reserve of the club, Julie Boyce said they would come back stronger. They need some mental trainers to cure them from the fact that they saw 219 goals being scored in the opposite nets in just 10 games. To worsen this they just have one goal against their name.

Julie said-

“We’re putting a brave face on things, but yes it’s tough, and if it went on indefinitely, it would threaten the future of the club. But we’re about more than the first team.”

I wonder if this team could get a maximum response if aired on television or aired live online. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy watching more than 40 goals in one Football game? This means, you’ll see the ball in the nets atleast once every 2 minutes. Full-Entertainment!!

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