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Home colors Selection Guide 101

So you have bought your dream home. Now its time to select the right colors for your home. It is quite challenging and confusing at times. We are here to help you and clear all your doubts and confusions. Selecting right home colors is very important as it sets your mood. Whatever color you choose is actually in accordance to what you want the room to feel like.

Adopting a color scheme

Home colors

So, basically one question arises among individuals. Should you have one color scheme or customize it according to the needs?

I would suggest that a color scheme will be great to adopt. It is although important to keep continuity throughout the entire house. You can keep the continuity and also give each and every room a different personality of your choice. So adopting a color scheme is important. It should be custom, so that there is a different color in every bedroom, in kitchen as well as in the living room. I will tell you in detail what all color combinations will be great for your home.

Classic Home Colors Combinations

One of most used classic color combination is of Blue and White. This light color combination is very much suited for almost every house. For Living room this combination will look awesome. It also depends on the sunlight, if there is no sunlight in the living room then you should use the lightest colors. If there is decent sunlight then you can opt for slightly dark shades of Blue in the living room.

Yellow and Green can be a good color combination in kitchen. It gives you an eco-friendly kind of a touch while creating your recipes. This color combination looks good, again according to the sunlight use the lightest shades of these colors. This is one of the coolest color combination one can have in their kitchen.

color combination

If you have an in-house library room then you can use some of the enthusiastic colors. The perfect combinations for library room would be chocolate brown and camel or navy blue and dark green. Basically library room colors should be such that, which you like the most and which keep you enthusiastic.

You should not be get bored with this color combination as dark and dull colors might make you feel sleepy. In library you should not sleep! Same goes for your workplace room. Now a days the computer is mostly situated is the workplace room. Now is the era of the laptops. So its actually easy to sit anywhere in the house and work. But some people like to sit in their favorite place. That place becomes his/her workplace. In some houses there are instances that in your living room or in a bedroom you have a shelf full of books.

Make sure that you use the color combinations on the wall where the shelf is located. It will give you a different feel altogether and you can enjoy your reading. The best combinations are the colors which you like. If there are colors surrounding you which you like then the work productivity is more. You feel happy. If you don`t like some colors and are around you, then there are chances of getting unhappy about it.

So adopt the right classic color combinations of your choice.

 Advice on using Bold colors

Bold color

If you use dark bold colors in your home then there are chances that you may get bored of it quickly. If you like some bold colors then you can incorporate in your bedroom. Bold colors are attractive and vibrant. The couple should decide what colors will setup their mood. So use the bold colors on the places you like to be. Make sure that the bold colors are the ones which you like and not the ones which you dislike. But try to use them as less as possible. There should also be proper lighting in a room where it is painted by a bold color.

Negative strategy if you already own furniture

Home colors

There should be a firm strategy of applying colors if you already own the furniture. You can apply the color according the color of the furniture. The main fact is that the color shade should be lighter and suitable to the furniture. This strategy should be applied if you already own the furniture. It plays a vital role in the look of the home. So, if you have not bought furniture now, then you can use any colors, you have the freedom. If not, use this strategy.

Neutral color scheme is Boring

If you are planning to paint your home with the same color in all the rooms, then it is not the right choice. You should have variety of colors which will enhance the looks of the house. The main fact is that same color in the whole house looks dull and assumes to be invisible by the perspective of the observer. So there should be no neutral color scheme, it looks boring.

Size of room: an important factor in choosing colors

room size

If you have large rooms then you should use bright colors. If coloring a small room, then you should use some cool colors so that it might appear to push the walls out. So a large room needs to be kept warm and the small room needs to be kept cooler as per the experts in architecture.

So these are the various factors which you have to keep in mind choosing the colors of your house. It all depends on the sunlight, the architecture and also the furniture which you are going to use. I hope that some of these tips will be helpful in your decision making of choosing the right colors for your house. The main fact is that use the colors favorable to the needs and everything will look good.

Colors can bring in good appearance and enhance the overall home`s interior. So apply the colors and enrich your house. Do comment and let other visitors know what color combinations worked best for you. Cheers!

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