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How to dress for a party? [For Men]

Everyone is fashion conscious nowadays. Everyone wants to be the centre of attraction. Men want to attract women and women want to attract men. Personality of an individual is greatly affected by his sense of dressing. Different occasions offer you to dress differently but here are a few basic things that you should keep in mind before you dress yourself for an occasion.


Before Bath:

  1. Hair and Beard: The hair style has a great impact on a man’s personality. When you prepare yourself for a special occasion the first thing to do is to get your hair and beard trimmed. Select a hair style as per your face, don’t just it copy from your favourite actor.
  2. Outfit: Select an outfit accordingly to the occasion. Get your outfit ironed properly. At the time of selecting outfit choose it as per your colour complexion and it is always better to ask your friend at the time of selecting it. Don’t forget to select appropriate accessories. Men accessories include tie, wrist watch, sun glasses etc.

3. Footwear: Always select the footwear keeping in the mind the outfit you are going to put on. The next thing for you is to make sure that your shoes are properly polished or clean. Untidy shoes simply represent how irresponsible you are.


How to dress for a party- have a bath

During Bath:

      1. Shampoo and condition your hair to make them soft and shiny.

      2. Don’t forget to use face wash to clean your face and if you have pimples it is strongly recommended that you use scrub during the bath.


After Bath:

1. Put on your outfit and apply a good perfume or deodorants.

      2. Make a proper hairstyle using hair styling gel or wax. You can use serum to make   them soft and shinier.

    3. Put on your shoes.

4. Hang on, you are still not ready for a party. Just like a school child is not complete without his geometry box, men are not complete without accessories.

How to dress for a party


During the party:

 Don’t worry about how you are dressed. Be confident and have a nice smile. The women will automatically get attracted towards you.

How to dress for a party- dress like a gentleman

be confident during the party- how to dress for a party

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