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HTC One- The last flamboyant hope

HTC has the tradition of designing some very beautiful phone and the latest HTC flagship, the HTC One is no exception and it takes this legacy to a further level. HTC is a very adorable brand across the globe but recently the Taiwanese giant has been seeing some losses in its revenue. The Wall Street Journal reports that HTC’s profit has been reduced by a colossal 98%. I’ll get back to this huge loss in HTC’s revenue later on in the post.


HTC One- One of the most seductive android smartphones that the world has seen

HTC One front

It is one of the most exquisitely designed smartphones android smartphones in the world. The phone features a full metal body design and a brilliant 4.7” super LCD3 display touting a pixel density of 469.

Put the looks aside, HTC One is more famous for its camera. HTC has done some real research and decided to equip this phone with “Ultrapixel camera”.

The Ultrapixel camera

The concept behind this creepy name is pretty simple. The camera sensor pixels are almost twice as large as the pixels found on current smartphones. This means that the camera will be able to gather more light while taking a shot leading to images with low noise and high detail in low light conditions.

In the real world, the camera doesn’t perform exceptionally well. Its good but certainly not upto the expectations.  The images has excellent level of details for a 4MP snapper but they definitely can’t beat the level of details captured by iphone 5 or even the Galaxy S IV.


Note that the images captured by this 4MP camera are comparable to those taken by the 13MP camera of the Galaxy SIV but not better. However, in the low light conditions the HTC One registers its win over the 13MP Galaxy SIV.

Update: Check out the low light photography comparison of HTC One and Lumia 720.  


But I’ll still prefer HTC One over the Samsung Galaxy SIV if…

Samsung has been engaged in the specifications war too much to the point that they forgot the consumers, the people who buy their phones, wouldn’t mind a change in the design. They would have actually welcomed the change. Why would anyone buy a new smartphone costing close to INR 40k having its looks similar to that of a 20.5k INR Galaxy Grand duos?

You certainly don’t want your expensive smartphone to be compared with some middle level dual SIM phone. It looks like Samsung is trying to launch its smartphones at an affordable price which is a good thing as it will increase the competition and in turn will encourage innovation but Samsung, don’t forget the Galaxy SIV is your flagship phone. It is meant to be a premium device and not made for everyone. There is no doubt that the SIV will rock the market but it would have done much better if it had a premium finish.

HTC on the other hand has the bad habit of pricing its smartphones outrageously. HTC One will made available to the public in India by the end of April bearing a price tag of INR 42990. What I don’t get is that why is HTC trying to lead its flagship phone to a failure in the Indian market.

Most of the Indians have left Nokia and are now Samsung fans and everyone knows that Samsung phones might not be the best looking smartphones in the market but they perform damn well. So, HTC stop being ridiculous and price your smartphones such that people would consider buying an HTC phone. People know that HTC is not Apple.


What is Samsung doing?

Samsung has been trying to sell its products based on only on specifications. They are following this practice of benchmarketing since the launch of the original Galaxy S.

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Screen SizePrimary CameraRAMProcessorBattery

Samsung Galaxy S


5 MP

512 MB

1 GHz Cortex A8

1500 mAh

Samsung Galaxy SII


8 MP

1 GB

1.2 GHz dual-core A9

1650 mAh

Samsung Galaxy SIII


8 MP

1 GB

1.4 GHz quad-core A9

2100 mAh

Samsung Galaxy SIV


13 MP

2 GB

1.6 GHz Quad core A15 + 1.2 GHz quad-core A7

2600 mAh


Why I am not a huge fan of Samsung?

If you ask me which smartphone to buy under the price tag of 30k INR then my answer would be the Galaxy SIII. I’ll recommend buying galaxy SIII because there is no other phone in that price bracket in the market which is better than the SIII.

The reason is I don’t like Samsung so much is that they don’t encourage innovation. Their products look identical and they are doing nothing extra-ordinary. But if Samsung starts making gorgeous phones like the iphone 5, Blackberry Z10, HTC One etc then I’ll happily join the Samsung bandwagon.


Why is HTC’s empire shrinking in India?       

  • Unreasonable price tag.
  • Lack of service centres- This might come as a shock to the HTC fans but HTC service centres are find to find even in big cities. That’s why nobody wants to buy an HTC in towns.
  • Fewer models- Unlike Nokia and Samsung, HTC doesn’t have tens of smartphone in each 10k price bracket. It is good to have a few hit models but HTC smartphone are far from being hit in the market.


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