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Non depressing guide to Packing for Travel

We all travel from one place to other mainly in vacations, in festive seasons, or for specific reasons. Traveling is fun, but preparing for travel might be tricky for some people. Lets make the process of packing your bags easy and hassle-free.

Make a list of things you want to carry

Non depressing guide to Packing for Travel

Before going to travel, make a list of all the necessary things which you would like to carry. Many people avoid making a list as it is boring for many of the people. The important aspect of this checklist is, it should include all the necessary as well as optional things. The list should be according to the weather of the destination, stay duration and the number of people you are going with.

I would recommend you to create a checklist from this website.

Prioritize things which you want to carry

Now after creating a checklist, you have to prioritize what all you need during the trip. Essential things include important documents such as passport, visa, reservation tickets. While non essential things can be an extra set of clothes. You got to take decision wisely and knock off unnecessary things which you would be carrying. It is very important, because there should not be stuff which you did`nt used in your whole travel journey, but you still carried with you.

Optimize the baggage space

Now you know what all you are going to carry with you. Decide the perfect bag you would like to carry. Never carry a huge bag, when the use of it is only that of 60%. Use medium size of bag instead. They are easy to carry. Though the size of bag to carry depends upon the quantity of stuff which you are going to carry.

Optimize the baggage space

Optimization means to fruitfully use all the baggage space efficiently. Best example will be your shaving/make up kit. In this kit there should not only be razors, shaving cream but also should include toothbrush and toothpaste. These are essential. So all this stuff can come in a compact kit. This will surely save some space in your bag, rather than putting your toothbrush in any different compartment.

If carrying a suitcase, keep the documents properly in the allocated pouches. Documents include travel tickets, reservations, passport, cash,visa, etc. Never keep cash in one place. All your cash should not be in your pockets. Some of the emergency cash should be hidden somewhere in your baggage. This is a very important safety tip.

Iron your clothes

Iron your clothes

This is one of the most important thing, which many people fail to do. By ironing your clothes, they become easy to pack and are able to use less space(volume). So do iron all your clothes. Ironing formal shirts is compulsory as they become easy to be packed. Also don`t forget to iron your jeans. The reason is mentioned earlier, it helps to keep more stuff in less space.

Keep washing your clothes during the travel

This will help to keep the extra sets of clothes not to be taken in your bag. If you keep washing your clothes then there will be no need to carry more clothes with you. This fact is very much important if you are staying away for a longer duration of time.

Carry less bags

If the tour is of 3-4 days, then only 2 bags should be carried. One containing your clothes and refreshing kit. Second carrying  bag(backpack) should contain the necessary required reservation tickets, cap, some food and water. This is essential as these are easy to carry. You can put the backpack on your back and can carry the other bag with one hand, keeping your other hand free during handling the bags. So do use as less bags as possible during the travel.

We hope that you use all these tips and tricks during packing for your travel. Happy Journey!

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