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Questions to ask your car dealer before buying your next car

When buying your next car, there are a few things you may want to consider, or some questions you should ask the dealer to avoid making some common mistakes. When buying a used car privately, or from a dealer such as YourNextCar ask these questions:

Questions to ask your car dealer

Being pretty might help you get a car cheaper.


1) How many miles are on the odometer?

This will help you determine the value before viewing the car or when you first look at it. Some people having the misconception that a lower odometer reading is always better. But that is not the truth. A very low reading means the car has been largely unused. This is not optimal for the engine and other components. The running should be within a good acceptable range.

Digital Odometers are safer, but not full proof

Digital Odometers are safer, but not full proof

2) Why are you selling the car?

There are a few answers that could work to your advantage. Perhaps there is no other reason other than they bought a new car. Some people might be really honest and tell you it’s a gas guzzler. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that could be vital to you buying that car or not. You should decide if something is a deal breaker for you. Take the example of a gas guzzler. If your commute is short, the problem is not an issue to you.

making the point clear

making the point clear

3) How would you describe your used car’s condition?

Asked in advance, this should give you a good indication of the condition of the car before you see it. When you do see the car, compare their assessment to your own. The person might not be completely truthful but such an assessment will also give you an idea of how much you should believe the other facts.


4) Who was this vehicle bought from?

The best answer is the seller is the original owner. All the maintenance records should be available. They should also have details of the previous owner so you can check with them if you are particularly concerned. A long list of owners is an indicator you should be slightly cautious about the car.


5) What are you willing to sell the car for?

This lets the seller know you’re not going to pay the asking price. Depending on how long the seller has been trying to get rid of the car, he or she might come back with a pretty good discount. Everyone generally keeps some margin they are willing to give as a discount.

6) How long of a test drive can I take?

Obviously you never, ever buy a used car without a test drive. No reputable seller will deny you a test drive. Most, though, will ask you to limit it to less than 30 minutes. Half an hour should help you get a good idea of how the car is.

7) What’s the warranty on the vehicle?

Know exactly what warranty is provided and what it covers – it could range from three months to 5 years and generally won’t cover things like tyres. If you’re asked to purchase additional warranty, make sure you read the fine print – you may find also find some unexpected exclusions. Include the items that are not covered in the warranty in your negotiations. The amount to change a set of tires might be a irritant of you have already spent all your budget.

8) Is the car registered? Do not drive an unregistered vehicle

you may incur a heavy fine, and if you have an accident, you may be personally liable for all costs associated with damage to people or property. This means you cannot test drive the vehicle. If you buy it, you’ll have to get it towed home.


You can also check some reviews to find experiences of other users. As you will be likely to spend quite a bit on a new car, make sure you dont settle for anything less than what you want!

We hope you are as happy with your car as this young lady

We hope you are as happy with your car as this young lady

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