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Real Angel Caught on Tape [Video]

Beautiful Angel

Do you believe Angels exists in today’s world other than those in the Advertisements of AXE Effect?? Your answer might be ‘NO’ because you never saw any such for Real. Or you think they just belong to the Story Books & Movies. Well even I dint believe before watching the video below.

On a very rarest occasion, a security camera outside an ICU unit of a hospital captured an ANGEL on tape. The ICU unit had a 14 year old girl, Chelsea, counting her last days on Earth. She was born pre-matured & had multiple medical problems since then. The most dangerous & fatal of all was her Pneumonia.

Chelsea was suffering from critical pneumonia from last 6-8weeks. Doctor had put her on life-support. They had convinced her family that she wouldn’t survive without the life support. With a strong heart, her family had decided to release her of all the pain & they were soon to discontinue her life support, accepting that she would DIE soon. So did she die???

No, miraculously, Chelsea is at home now. Yes she recovered from all her illness. Doctor couldn’t find out what could be the reason of this sudden recovery. All they could see is this bright image on the security camera just outside Chelsea’s room.

Angel Caught on Tape

Angel Caught on Tape

Angel seen live on Tape

Angel seen live on Tape

Yes, the image appears to be of the shape of an ANGEL. It means Angel had visited Chelsea which helped her recover from all her illness. Doctors had no option other than believing this fact that goes completely against science. They tried to figure out if that could be a reflection from outside; but they confirmed that they didn’t have Windows in that area.

All I can say after this is- Don’t Lose Hope & Faith. MIRACLES do happen in Today’s World.

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