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Safe Holi Tips: Protecting body and hair from synthetic colors

Holi, the festival of colours

Holi, the festival of colours, is around the corner and everyone is busy with its preparations. Holi is an extremely enjoyable and playful festival apart from the dangerous chemical based colours used to play it.

When you go through the streets, the youngsters will be aiming you with water balloon filled with colourful water from the rooftops. You’ll have to perform a few manoeuvres to avoid those balloons aimed at you. Naturally, can’t avoid them all but you can at least minimize the impact made by them on your body and of course, the clothes.

You can get your clothes dry-cleaned as you can’t wear a water proof suit while going for a party. But we are always more concerned about our health and personality. Here are a few tips that will certainly helpful to protect your hair and skin from damage done by chemical-colours.


 Before the festival:

  • Oil your hail well before you move out to celebrate Holi. Apply good amount of coconut oil on the roots of your hair.
  •  To protect your skin from damage you can apply body lotion, glycerine or you can oil it well.
  • Human eyes are the most sensitive and exposed part of human body. It is advised to apply thick layer of cream around the contours of eyes
  • Colours have the tendency to get lodged into the cuticles and finger nails. Nails look quite dirty and unkempt with colours. Try to apply dark shade of colour on your nail.
  • Try to wear full sleeve clothes and the last thing you need to do before you step out is to cover your hair with handkerchief or scarf.


During the festival:

  • Harsh chemicals used in synthetic colours can harm your hair and skin. Try to use herbal or natural colours.

After the festival:

  • Use hot water to shampoo and condition your hair. You can also use egg yolk, hair gel to remove the colour but don’t forget tohair shampo- tips for a safe holi apply serum to manage your damaged hair.
  •  You can also get hair spa done to cure your damaged hair quickly.
  • Moisturise your entire body well after the bath. It is also possible that colour don’t come off easily.

Removing Holi Colours from the Skin

  • AVOID beauty treatments as they will cause irritation and aid the colours to settle deeply into the skin. 

And the most obvious thing is to play safe and smart.

Wish you a wonderful, colourful, joyous and a safe Holi!


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