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Shopping for Lazy Men

Most of the men don`t like shopping. They are very much lazy for shopping. We will give the optimum measures for easy shopping for lazy men. Where to shop and how to shop it with least minimum activity.

He is too lazy to go out for Shopping!

He is too lazy to go out for Shopping!

Lets consider for shopping clothes. There are various looks which are available at many online shopping. Looks provide you a complete dress including Shirt, Pant and some accessories like shoes and belts. You can have a god look in that look. It is so called as a look because it is already matching and Men should not have to think about matching colors.

The Looks are available at some good websites:

Looks at Myntra

The Denim look at Myntra

Denim look is favorite among men

Denim look is favorite among men

The Denim look at myntra looks cool in the Blue color. Most of the men prefer blue color including boys like us. In this look there are 4 items which you can buy. The best item which any men would love to buy first is the Nike shoes. The Nike shoes are very much of good quality. This denim look will cost you 8192 INR.

Looks at Seat 14a

Geeky Look at Seat 14a

geeky look

Geeky look preferred by job centered folks

The geeky look includes a Tech blue Shirt. Mostly people preferring geeky look like blue formal shirt. It is a simple Chambray collared short sleeved T-shirt. This is the most important part of the look. This look includes 100% shorts for easy fit. It has the only one cool accessory. It is the Tablet Note. You can keep some of your documents which you want to carry. The best thing to carry though is your iPad or your tablet. This look will cost you 6400 INR.

Advantages of buying Looks

You get the complete outfit which includes the shirt and trouser/jeans plus some accessories.

  • No worries of getting matching accessories or clothes.
  • Your overall shopping time is saved
  • You get everything at a one place.
  • Professional designers choose the color combinations and choice of types of clothes.
  • When you buy a look it is many times have a discounted price as you buy a set of minimum 3 items.
  • Looks are available to get shopped online from famous portals.
  • There are Looks available as per your needs.
  • It saves your valuable shopping time.


  • Initial payment is more. As you buy a look you got to buy the complete set and you cannot buy a single item. Though for some people it might not be affordable to buy the complete set in one go.
  • If you don`t like a single item from the look you cannot replace it with other item, you got to buy the complete set.

Though not more disadvantages to be honest and Looks are worth to buy.

So what are you waiting for my dear lazy friends. Shop the Looks and get a perfect outfit as per your needs that too with not much efforts.

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