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Staying Fit With Exercises: To Fitness With LOVE

Modern society all over the world is now realizing the importance of a healthy body. There are many types of physical exercise to make you healthy and strong. A healthy body functions more efficiently. It helps to cure many physical as well as mental illness. Here are some tips to stay Fit and Healthy.

 1.      Make a plan of action

First you should properly evaluate your body type and your state of fitness before starting any physical training. Then determine your plan of action accordingly.

Always make sure you know all exercises correctly. A wrongly executed exercise or excessive workout may lead to fatigue and stress. It may also result into muscle pain or even serious injury to joints and ligaments. Exercise can be hurtful if you don’t do it right. Morning is the best time for workout. Make sure you follow the action plan regularly.

 2.      Warming up session

Before starting any workout it is necessary to warm up your body. It helps to avoid strain to your body during the workout. Warming up exercises increases your flexibility and reflexes. Training your heart to endure stress is very important. Hence warming up sessions for 5-10 minutes before any exercise is a must.

Never eat anything just before the workout. Drink adequate amount of water. You should always do stretches before and after the workout.

exercise is fun

 3.      Exercise with a purpose

Each movement you do should have a purpose. For example some exercises are done for strength, some for endurance while some for flexibility. Also they are performed for the benefit of different parts of the body.

The purpose behind every movement is different. It differs in the way in which it is to be carried out. It determines its rhythm, intensity, duration, repetition and position. One should be aware of all these facts before starting the workout.

Follow a proper diet. You should gradually take up the program. If it becomes too easy, then shift to a challenging one. You may increase the duration or its count. But never push to the point of exhaustion. Always practice under the guidance of a qualified person. Concern a doctor if necessary.

 4.      Exercise should be fun

All exercises should be performed as precisely and attractively as possible. Perform all exercises with ease. Always be cheerful while exercising. Never grunt and groan about your physical training program. Proper breathing techniques should be followed during the workout.

Co- ordination of all body movements is very important. You should always be expressive and enthusiastic during the workout. Don’t be sloppy. To be effective, it should be fun and never a chore!Staying fit with exercises

5.      Regularity is the key

Your workout should never be a big task and load for you. It should make you feel good. Follow your workout regularly. Exercise helps to keep your mind calm and fresh. It helps to reduce the work pressure.

Do not overdo it but also never fail to do it. Always have a positive attitude towards the workout.

Once understood and pursued, your fitness training will become your friend. You will always enjoy the sessions. And it will brighten your spirits. Once you start it becomes fascinating and you will grow healthier. So get up and put on your shoes. It is never too late to start your fitness program. Live strong, live long.

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