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Water Jet Pack used for dolphin dives

I would like to have an experience on this awesome Water Jet Pack. I am talking about the Flyboard Water Jet Pack, which a bunch of guys have used to play around in the sea. Look what I found, they are able to make dolphin dives into the water using this water jet pack.


I am talking about a video where a bunch of guys do a lot of crazy things. Now there are girls also to accompany this crazy stuff. They suit up by wearing the shoes attached to the jet pack. They are ready and set to have a ride in the sea.


They start off by accelerating the jet pack a bit and then diving into the water. It looks amazing, even watching this video made me feel jubilant and will surely enjoy such ride in coming future. Ok, now capitalizing on the stuff they did in this video, they played with the jet pack skillfully.


Some guys are on Jet-Ski on triple seat, people are watching from the coast capturing videos from their mobile phones. In the mean while, boys are doing great dives into the water. Some are doing back jumps into water using the jet pack. Rotating doing 720 degrees turns and a lot of brilliant stuff.


I appreciate the person who gave music to this video, it is great. Then comes the great dolphin dives these guys do with perfection and synchronization. Its feels good to watch how these guys do the dives using the water jetpack. Slow motion view of the dives from height also is enchanting.


They also performed some stunts which are done in ski on snow, but they performed on water. Water Jet packs can make them give some superpowers and they can jump and dive and keep on doing crazy stuff. Hats off to the guys making this awesome video. Again I would like to say that I will surely enjoy on these water Jet packs.


Enough of taking, watch the water jet packs into action in this video:

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