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What do negative temperatures mean?

Ever wondered what happens when we talk about negative temperatures? Scientists like Sheldon Cooper often get salaries to think about such seemingly absurd questions, so we have a lot of answers available. Lets explore what these negative temperatures actually mean. And then watch a video from people who actually seem to know what they are doing.

negative temperatures

History and Negative temperatures:

This phenomena has been used in many cutting edge applications. So one might think that the research and advancements are quite recent. But actually, they are very old in scientific time scales. Like 50-60 year old.


WARNING: You may feel you are too stupid to understand this. Or it may make you want to puke. But if you dare move behind, the video below should really be helpful. Have a look.


In the video, you will find:

  • One equation
  • Advice on choosing your next dog
  • Two chairs
  • Two scientists
  • Their two beards
  • Many guitars lying around (WHY? Who knows!)
  • Twigly graphs
  • A chance to understand our universe

So go ahead, watch through the entire video. Its geeky, but you will come out a wiser woman or man.



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