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Why would Google Maps Face BAN???

Google Maps are most widely used Maps on internet. Even today, before going to a new place, we tend to search the destination using the Google Maps available in Smartphones. We search for the places around and the facilities available nearby. But, the most important usage of Google Maps would be to get directions from source location to the destination location. Can you think of what could happen if Google Maps face Ban??? Some might feel as if we are going in to the past again; while some might adapt soon to the other web-mapping application.

Google Maps Face Ban in Germany by Mitesh at Speed Mango

Google Maps Face Ban in Germany 

But, yes this news is coming true. Google can face a tough decision from a German court due to a recent Patent issue with its rival company- Microsoft. The court has held Google & Motorola responsible for infringing a Mapping-Patent by Microsoft. According to FOSS-patent, the dispute is regarding following patent-

A Computer System for Identifying Local Resources and Method.

Google Maps Face Ban dut to Microsoft Patent Issue by Speed Mango

Google Maps Face Ban dut to Microsoft Patent Issue

Google has been unlikely to convince the Munich court that patent technology does not apply to the Google Maps services. Thus, Microsoft would obtain a restriction against the Google Maps services in Germany, the Telegraph reported.

Initially, Microsoft only sued Motorola’s German subsidiary over the distribution of the Android app. Later, Google was involved too, after Motorola officials denied knowledge of how Google Map servers functioned.

Result of the Ban:

Henceforth, Google would have to disable its Google Maps services from all the computers using German IP address. It would also have to stop shipping Google Maps Apps to the mobile devices & also filter browsers to block access to Google Maps. Google will have to pay Huge Royalties to Microsoft, in order to continue its services in Germany.

If Google Maps are banned in your country, what would you do??? Share your views in comments below.

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This is dumb. Germany is full of crazy people.

I would say a big fat “up yours” – but in a less polite way – to Microsoft.

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