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YOGA- For balanced mind, body and soul

Yoga is a science of health. It can bring total transformation in one’s way of life. It gives a feeling of health, harmony and well-being. It also enables one to become a better person and enhances our work efficiency.

It helps to prevent various diseases, prolongs life, fosters a balanced muscular system and reduces physical fatigue. Yoga also enhance s the elasticity of bones and proper blood circulation in the body. It also helps create in us a tremendous power of resistance. And as a result is responsible for the soundness of our health.

There is no restriction of age and sex for practicing yoga.  This was practiced in India thousands of years ago but its teachings are valid even today. To take the full advantage of yogasanas, here are a few tips for you:


Select a quiet and secluded place for practicing yoga. The place should be free from moisture, pollution, bad odor or dust. Fresh air should be easily available. Yoga is generally practised in a properly ventilated room or terrace or garden.

do yoga in a quiet environment


The ideal time to practice yoga is 5.00 to 8.00 am. However any time that suits you can be followed. It should be performed with an empty stomach. It is advisable to do yoga after a bath because it makes the body light and active and you can perform with more ease.


You should wear light and comfortable clothes. Cotton fabrics are preferable. They allow free movement of the body. Wear a loose fitting and clean dress for practice sessions. Do not wear any jewellery, watch or any other accessories.Yoga In Rishikesh


Make sure that the ground where you practice yoga is leveled. Yoga must be done on a clean mat, rug or a carpet. You should never practice on a bed or on a sofa. Choose a comfortable seat.


You should always practice yoga with an empty stomach. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and smoking. You can take meals half an hour after the practice. You can sip water throughout the practice sessions. Take a balanced meal. Take more raw food, salad and fruits. Drink atleast 8-10 glassful of water everyday. Reduce intake of salt, sugar, spices in meals. Avoid fried foods. An improper diet is an obstacle to the study of yoga.

No yoga during Illness

Do not perform yoga during any illness like fever, asthma or extreme fatigue. Always practice under the guidance of yoga experts. Do not perform by merely reading a book or from the web.

Free your Mind

Always perform yoga with a relaxed mind. Keep your mind free from all disturbances and tensions. Concentration should be on breathing. No force or jerk should be exerted in the practice of yoga.

Yoga is a way of life. It should be performed regularly and consistently. It provides physical and mental relaxation. It keeps the body fit and strong.

Yoga is the sure path to peace and happiness. So practice yoga sooner than later.

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